Wednesday, November 20, 2013

2013 Gift Guide: For Kids

Given that our Gus & Ruby family will be getting real kid-centric in 2014 (Hooray! Huge congrats to the mamas-to-be Whitney & Laura), we've spent lots of time this year scouting some incredible, FUN, new goodies for kids. From creative to cuddly, educational to inspirational, we've got all sorts of gifts for the tots and tiny ones in your life.

1. Wooden floor puzzle (various designs, $22)
2. Handmade book end (various designs, $54)
3. Handmade stuffed animals (various animals, $48 each)
4. Eco-friendly chalk ($16)
5. Jotters & notepads (various designs & sizes, starting at $9)
6. Organic cotton swaddle blanket (various patterns and colors, $24)
7. Confetti pop ($8)
8. Organic cotton stroller blanket (various patterns and colors, $40)
9. DIY homemade cheese kit (various types, starting at $17)
10. Juice glasses (various designs, $21 for set of 4)
11. Eco-friendly finger paint ($22)
12. Penguin Classics children's books (various titles, $16.99 each)
12. Felt crown (various colors, $14)

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