Friday, May 31, 2013

westward bound...

Morning Pals!

Lizzy here - writing what will be the last of my blog posts for Gus & Ruby Letterpress (sigh...)

Trust me... I can't believe it either!!

As many of you are already aware, after spending over 8 years in a long-distance relationship with The Pilot, the reason for my departure from Gus & Ruby is to head westward to live with him and his Koozie collection in sunny San Diego, California. It still feels quite surreal to imagine myself in a place other than Portsmouth, because this place and you all have really become my home - but as we grow up, the things we want for ourselves change. I have always known in the back of my mind that he really is just the sweetest guy a gal could ever wish for. And gosh darn it if absence didn't make my heart grow fonder. I'll admit too, that while this is a big leap - it feels like the only step that is right for me in this moment. I am lucky to have him and am excited for a new chapter.
Y'all will come out and visit, right?!

This Saturday (meaning TOMORROW) will be my last day at the shop, though. Moving forward you'll be greeted by the sweet and lovely face of Gus & Ruby's new store manager, Anne. Please be sure to speak up and say hey, welcome her to the neighborhood in whatever fashion you feel appropriate, and know that her heart flutters with the same pitter pats as all of ours when it comes to washi tape and greeting cards. She's a hard worker with a super sweet personality - and a Brussels to boot - and I think she's already a great new addition to the growing G&R squad.

So this is it, then...
I'll miss each of you very much.
Thank you for making the past few years the most amazing of my life and know that you will never be far from my mind. I know how much you love the shop, and recognizing that I could be a part of making it such a special place for you is really just the bees knees.

Much love and lots of happiness to all of you - forever and ever,
xo Lizzy

P.S. I couldn't quite find a place appropriate in the copy above to express the following...
Throughout the process of making this choice to move, and training a new store manager, I have had the overwhelming feeling of luck to have been able to work for such knock-out dynamo's as Samantha and Whitney here at Gus & Ruby Letterpress. Even during the days in the old shop on Market Street, I always knew that sticking with them was the best choice for me - and I am SO INCREDIBLY happy that I did. I likely will never find a job working for another employer that fills me with such happiness, excitement, and inspiration. Be sure to keep an eye on them for me, and remind them how incredible they are, so they don't forget ;)


  1. Oh Liz - I have enjoyed working with you. The last few paragraphs of this Blog were read through a blur of happy tears for you. Follow your dreams and that is what you are doing ~ I hope you have rainbow days.
    Bee @ Pushing-Papers

  2. Sending hugs and lots of love! Best wishes on your awesome new adventure! xoxo

  3. Erica & John K.June 4, 2013 at 3:28 PM

    Best of luck with everything, Liz! It was always great to see you in the store :-)