Thursday, May 9, 2013

Mother's Day is SUNDAY!!

Afternoon Pals!

The past couple weeks have FLOWN by... and now it's early May and the National Stationery Show is right around the corner, and to be frank, I just don't believe Mother's Day is this weekend! Can you believe it?

Every year, for whatever reason, Mother's Day seems to be this perfect break in the middle of a very busy storm here at Gus & Ruby Letterpress where we all spend a little bit of time home with family, relaxing for a few short hours before picking right back up where we left off. I am really looking forward to Mother's Day evening, because it will be the first time since Christmas that my family has all been in the same place at the same time. But I still haven't grabbed a little something for my Mum! Have you?

Our Mother's Day cards are still pretty well stocked and waiting for you at the shop - and Whit spent some time yesterday dreaming up some gift ideas for us to share. Maybe these will inspire me (and any of you who are still in need) to pick the perfect something to remind Momma Bear that she is loved and the best Mom ever!

We'll be open all week and weekend, so don't hesitate to swing by and we'll wrap any of these gifties right up for ya!

Lots of love and many Mother's Day wishes to all of the incredible Mum's out there who show us to be good, to live with open hearts and minds, and who shape us to be the fine folks we are everyday. It's likely she may have taught you to fold your laundry and make your bed too - also very important lessons to thank her for this Sunday!

So here's the roundup. Big and small gifties for your Mom this Mother's Day 2013!

A few ideas from our always favorite, Rifle Paper Company, these heirloom recipes boxes are a BEAUTIFUL gift that will last your Mom a lifetime (and maybe you'll get lucky and she'll pass it down to you someday!) Made from 100% Sustainable wood all grown locally in Florida, these boxes are hand-hewn and screen printed with Miss. Anna Bond's lovely hand-painted floral patterns.

And many of you have already fallen in love with Rifle's NEW cellphone cases (to fit both 4/4s models, and 5). I still haven't been able to pick which one I like best, but one of these suckers is at the top of my list for Mom this Sunday!


With warm weather coming, we're anticipating lots of our fun, NEW customized Seabags to fly right out the door. These bags are all hand-stitched and assembled up in Portland, Maine and make for a great everyday/overnight/beachin' it combo bag. Throw them right in the wash when they need it - or hose them down out back! That neon pink and orange stripe is just the prettiest!

I'm always smitten with these little vases from Laurel Denise, too. They're the perfect size for a kitchen window ledge and we have little paper buds in them that you an give along with the vase, or fill it with Mom's favorite Daisy or Tulip stem!

A nice shipment of Sugarboo prints arrived in the shop this past week too. Now this might be a gift you want to give Mom as a family, because it'll surely be her favorite and something that she cherishes for many, many years. These prints are all handmade down in Georgia, and the husband of the pretty Momma who makes the prints builds the frames around them from reclaimed wood. SO great, right?!

 And lastly, for a Mum who loves to spend her time in the kitchen - baking yummy treats and storming away with the delicious dinners we all know and love, a little combo action of our all-time favorite cookbook, Plenty paired with some of Claudia Pearson's hand-printed tea towels is a great Mother's Day gift that will remind her of you every time they're used!

Lots of love and see you around the shop soon!


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