Friday, September 16, 2011

Calendar Round-Up... 2012

Hey there guys and gals. The crisp Fall air hit Portsmouth this morning, and boy oh boy am I thrilled about it. Got to pull out my leather boots and scarves. And tights! I just couldn't be happier. The Fall brings all sorts of loveliness to New England, and to coastal New Hampshire. We hope to still see you all out and about, visiting our beautiful town (and maybe having to bundle up a bit due to that fabulous coastal breeze!).

This past week has been crazy at the shop (you'd think that things would tone down for a minute now that beach season is sort of out... but not so much here at G&R!!) We're starting to get holiday goodies in and will have a display out for custom holiday cards next week :) But before we put the cart too far ahead of the horse, I want to talk a bit about 2012 calendars. I know that I have been a-chattering about a few of my favorites, but now that almost all of our calendars for 2012 have arrived in store, I can't help but want to share! So here it is, a little calendar round-up for your viewing and organizing pleasure.

Last year everyone was looking for calendars with boxes - so this year we are carrying two wall calendars that offer that layout. The newbie is from Fine Day Press. It's watercolor designs are whimsical and bright, and what I love most about this calendar is how beautifully composed it is. It really reads like a piece of artwork on your wall, and just happens to double as a handy dandy calendar too!

As with many of our calendars, the talented folks at Fine Day built this calendar so that you can clip the calendar grid off at the end of every month and use the watercolor designs as prints. Gift them away or hang them in your home - but regardless of what you decide to do with them, we think you'll really love this calendar and get lots of use out of it!

Our other grid-style calendar hails from our upstairs neighbors at BG 2770 Designs. This calendar is always one of my favorites in the group because of it's saturated colors and organic design. My mother used to doodle swirls and shapes all over large sheets of paper for me to color in with my 24 pack of Crayolas when I was a kid - and while my work at that age probably looked like child's play compared to these lovely calendars, I still get that nostalgic feeling every time I see them!

We of course had to bring back the Paper Source calendars this year, as they were a customer fave in 2011! As many of you may recall, this wall calendar has patterns on the back of each page that you can cut out after the month is over and turn into file folders and pillow gift boxes - SO CLEVER! - and a great holiday gift for those of you who like to get your shopping done early!

For 2012 Waste Not also designed an awesome desktop letterpress calendar for Paper Source that I can't get enough of! It's the perfect pop of color and design for any workspace!

Snow & Graham's wall and desk calendar were each a huge hit for us last year as well. See their 2012 designs below...

Love those rainbow raindrops - don't you?!

You've seen our two lovely calendars from Rifle Paper Company, but I'll share them again. Because they deserve it. And so do you :)
This full page print is one of my favorites for sure. Each design by Rifle is hand-painted, and then printed right in house. Imagine this beaut hanging on the wall in your kitchen - by the phone so you can reference it, but framed because it really is a piece of art!

And I swoon over the soft pastel palette of the Botanicals 2012 calendar by Rifle. It demonstrates the traditional number grid on each page, but is really kicked up a notch by each unique, seasonal floral design. This is another calendar that could easily be cut apart and used as decorative prints after the year is over!

The last two calendars I'll share today are great gifts for the men in your lives.

Now don't get me wrong, they'd be great gifts for men AND women, but I think they have a particularly masculine feel that can be difficult to find in artisan printed and designed calendars! (Sorry to be a bit sexist here, but we have such a hard time finding great grabs for men, and so I feel like I have to announce to the world that we've cracked the code calendar-wise this year! :)

You've seen our super cute doggy desk calendar from The Found which has 12 unique pup-tastic illustrations, one for each month:

But then there's this newbie. This super awesome calendar could duo as a desktop or wall calendar, letterpress printed by Old School Stationers. I love the organic color palette and the fact that all of the designs are sort of natural and "Big Fish" inspired :)

Love the root veg page for September and that stark black crow on the October page!

So there it is - for now at least :) Some of our most lovely ways to keep you and yours organized and up-to-date in 2012! Pop by the shop soon so you can pick from our best selection, and let's talk soon about the other beautiful calendars the we have coming!

Lots of love and some big Fall-time wooly sock hugs from us here at G&R

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