Monday, August 8, 2011

2 years old today!

It's hard to believe, but Gus & Ruby Letterpress is 2 years old today! Gifts can be delivered to 29 Congress Street, Portsmouth, NH 03801. Sweets are preferred, but we'll take pretty much anything.

Things are going so great here at G&R that it's hard to believe how scared and nervous we were 2 years ago as we began a journey that would change our lives forever. In case any of you have forgotten what said journey has been like (or maybe you weren't fans of ours way back then) I thought we could take a little trip down memory lane!

Below is one of my absolute favorite pics ever. Sam and I made a hilarious trip to Ikea (one of many that first summer) to purchase shelving, display pieces, office essentials and random knick knacks. We bought SO much stuff and had several dudes try to tell us that we couldn't fit it all in A.K.'s Jeep. I can't tell you how proud we were to pack that thing perfectly, but this photo tells you everything:

Sam and I worked tirelessly inventorying all of our products, ordering goods, designing business cards, the website, you know - nothing important. All the while the store started piling up:

We snapped our fingers and we were having a grand opening party! Literally. Just a snap of the fingers and the store had come together. Try it. Here we are giggling our faces off (what else is new) as we hung our little "private party" sign. We are such nerds. Specifically Sam. Why is she laughing so hard? I'm laughing just looking at it:

Pretty darn cute huh? (The store I mean. Not us.) I miss that space. It was tiny and dusty and hot as hell but it was so charming:

Still one of my most favorite photos:

Somewhere along the way Sam and I became geniuses. And our first act as new geniuses was to hire another one of our own, Lizzy. Seriously. How amazing is she? Just look at that smile:

Sam and I don't like to be settled. We like to be busy and frantic and nervous and crazy. So after settling in nicely on Market Street we decided things were too comfortable and we spontaneously jumped at the chance to move to Congress Street. Before we had a chance to change our minds, the windows were papered:

We tore the inside apart. And by "we" I mean our crew of construction workers. Nuts that this turned into our beautiful bridal suite:

Empty store:

Our sign is up:

Ahhhh pretty pretty pretty:

See what I mean about the bridal space?

We've been in this space 13 months and we're still not finished with projects. Our back office is in the works and will likely be finished in early September. Lizzy wallpapered an accent wall for us:

It's been a crazy ride but we wouldn't change a thing about it! Thank you SO much to you, our wonderful customers, clients, family and friends! We would not be here without your support. I can't imagine where we will be in another 2 years (I'll be 31. Gulp.)! Sam and I 2 years ago, acting like weirdos:

Beautiful photos by emilie inc. photography
Not so beautiful photos by yours truly


  1. Congrats ladies! I can't think of two more lovely and warm people to be deserving of such success.

  2. So proud of you both! I love your place and visit as often as I can. You are an inspiration to us all and I love, love, LOOVE what you have done this far. I wish you both many many years of fun and success. Keep it up!

  3. woooo hooo!! You girls are fab! Congrats on two years of success and cheers to many many more! xoxoxoxo

  4. Congratulations Samantha & Whitney! To many more! You're an inspiration!

  5. EEEEK! two years already?! wowzers.
    Tell Lizzy if she ever wants window decorating company some night, we can get tacos, laugh, and fold paper. Maybe Ill even borrow a puppy for old times sake :)

  6. woo hoo, congrats! Being weirdos is the only way to be, I think. I was recently in the store (back in late July) and my husband remarked "There isn't one thing in here that isn't 100% you." And he was right. Keep up the pretty inspiring work, ladies!