Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Things for the kiddos!

(Photo courtesy of Cavallini Paper)

We love kids. And we love kid-friendly, kid-useful, and kid-inspired goodies at the store. Check out a few new things we love and a few of the things we just can't order enough of!

ABCs Wrapping Paper / Print (above): How sweet is this? Sold as a sheet of wrapping paper or framed for a quick and mighty-cute print, you can't beat this vintage design.

(Photos courtesy of Chronicle Books)

My Quotable Kid: I'm pretty sure we've already gone over how much we love this book, but it's worth repeating.

(Photo courtesy of Knock Knock)

Don't Kill the Kids List: Hilarious? Yes. Useful? Also, yes! This quirky, funny list note-pad has just the right mix of tongue-in-cheeky-ness and space for important info for the babysitter.

(Image courtesy of Freya Art)

Freya Art Customizable Prints: I truly can't think of a better new parent gift. The perfect piece to build a nursery around, I do think.

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