Saturday, October 10, 2009

Darling Dabney Lee

We have so many fabulous goodies arriving daily at the store for the upcoming holiday season. Whitney and I can barely contain ourselves.

One of the super fun things we just received this week is the incredible Dabney Lee @ Home album. Ohmygosh, people. Too adorbs for words.

Stationery designer Dabney Lee started this album of customizable goodies to provide the style-savvy with a place to find "stylish and sophisticated embellishments for your home and office." Browsing through her easy-t0-use album of items and accessories is a treat and the design process is fun, painless and inspiring!

I love everything about this line of home accessories. I love that I can pick a color palate, background pattern and type treatment that reflects exactly my style. I love that Dabney has included everything from ice buckets to picture frames to wall decals in this line. I honestly could find a fabulous, stylish and personal gift for every one of my (beloved!) friends. In fact, I might just do that.

Fab Facts about this amazing line:
1. Everything in the album is SUPER customizable. Once you pick the item that you like, you can then choose from a huge array of colors, patterns, and monogram type from the huge Dabney Lee library of designs. The end result is a personalized, chic piece that truly speaks to your style.
2. Personalized gifts are the best gifts. Seriously. The best.
3. These fun, functional pieces are totally affordable!!
4. Turnaround time is super quick! I mean "I-could-order-cute-gifts-for-friends-for-the-holidays-and-they-would-actually-arrive-in-time-for-the-holidays" kind of quick.

Take a look at a few of the oodles of preppy, chic items you can find in the Dabney Lee @ Home album. Stop by the store for a peek through the album and to place your orders.

Wall art to stylize your living space!

Salt & Pepper shakers - add a little spice to your kitchen!

Playing cards - perfect for your game-fiend friend or the neighborhood bridge club.
This desk calendar is printed on gorgeous, thick, textured paper and each month bears a new, fabulous pairing of pattern and color.

Even without the presence of this ridiculously cute baby, this frame would be a lovely addition to any desk!

There is nothing like a monogrammed notepad to turn the everyday drab into fab.

Can you imagine serving cervezas on your patio from a family cocktail tray? I love it!

The perfect place to stash loose odds and ends - the adorable catch-all.
What stylish lady doesn't need chic file folders?

Every host or hostess should have a dedicated ice bucket. It's Party-Planning 101.

Personalized recipe cards - the perfect gift for a housewarming party, a bridal shower or your favorite chef!

Stop by the store for a peek through the album and to place your orders! Thanks, Dabney. We heart your super cute line.

(All photos courtesy of Dabney Lee @ Home)

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