Monday, August 3, 2009

Dog Blog

We've all been working 'round the clock to get Gus & Ruby Letterpress ready for the Grand Opening celebration on August 6th and the real-live Grand Opening on August 7th. 7AM to 1AM? No problem!

Whitney's been busy being a creative genius - she's been cranking on new store business cards, boutique signage, G&R packaging, framing custom works, merchandising our gorgeous products and finishing up a slew of custom projects. (Great job, Whiz! Keep up the amazing work!)

I've been a disciple of LightSpeed, our POS system. Entering inventory, updating vendor contact lists and trying figure out all the funny little details of this new software system. When needed, I break to drool over our custom albums and have fun making little wedding invitation or baby announcement vingettes on the pretty new bookcase.

Gus has been working like, well, a dog.

He's been sanding.

And measuring.

And taping boxes.

And boy, oh, boy are there boxes!!


  1. Gus better be getting overtime pay for that work. Labor laws you know.

  2. Love those photos! Keep up the great work, Gussy.