Saturday, August 29, 2009

Designer Spotlight: Gilah Press + Design

(All photos courtesy of Gilah Press + Design)

Gilah Press + Design is so super fabulous you don't even know. Unless you've seen their graphic letterpress cards or have had the immense pleasure of receiving one of their rad party invitations. Then you probably do know.

I'm all about these coaster fill-in party invites right now. How fun are they?! From Cocktail Party, to Dinner Party to Wine and Cheese Party - Gilah's got the party scene covered.

I love the idea of throwing an intimate, luxe wine and cheese party this fall. Because I know very little about wine or cheese (aside from knowing that I totally love both), it's so great that these coaster invites help a gal out by asking guests to bring the appropriate items like "hard cheese," "soft cheese," "white wine" "olives," etc.

My DIY invites would basically be like "Come drink wine and eat cheese with me! Bring wine. Or cheese." We'd probably end up with a group of us and 4 blocks of cheddar cheese and one bottle of Riesling. Bad news. So, thanks for making these, Gilah!

We've got a sweet selection of Gilah goodies at the store, so pop in to see for yourself. We'll also be getting fun fall and holiday cards, fill-in invitations and note sets so keep your eyes peeled.

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