Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Totally worth the blisters!

{top: oh so beautiful paper, bottom: linda and harriett}

I wore 3 different pairs of shoes in the course of 3 days in the hopes of keeping my feet blister-free. Instead, I got 3x as many blisters. So worth it! Sam and I were nervous we would be overwhelmed by the NSS, but our weeks of research on each and every exhibitor really paid off. We knew exactly who we wanted to see and even made a few awesome discoveries (see Sam's post below regarding Paper Medium). It was SO much fun and super inspiring. I felt right at home. I'm such a nerd that I am still wearing my awesome stationary pin (illustration of a stationary bike making fun of all you peeps that can't spell stationery) from LaFamiliaGreen. One of my faves (before and after the show) is Linda and Harriett. Liz, artist/printer/owner behind the adorable company is just as cute as her cards. Her booth was simple, sweet and showcased her work perfectly. I have to say I was extremely disappointed that she didn't bring her pig tags... I love those little guys. But, I was still smitten with the gorgeous work and she was so fun to chat with! Looking forward to working with her in the near future. And Liz, if you're looking to off-load some of those pigs, you know where to find me. I'll be back later with a few of my other faves.

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