Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Bright colors make me happy


Alright people. Chime in. Give me some ideas. I need this tape. Not want. Need. I just have to convince Sam that it's a really important purchase for Gus & Ruby and I'm good to go. Really though. What could I do with this tape besides stare at it all day and pretty up my shelves with it? Thoughts? Maybe I'll add it to my wedding registry. A.K. probably won't even notice and as long as it keeps me in my studio working and he can watch Prison Break and Lost, he'll be happy. You can buy me some here. Thanks! You're the best.


  1. Gus & Ruby was going to finally pay you for some of that paper you bought last month, but instead I'll get you some tape for you to stare at. A.K. (and your credit card company) should be thrilled about that. :)

  2. You could seal envelopes with it, and when you go out and get coffee, you can label the coffee with that person's name on it, or label other things like your lunch in the fridge, it's too bad post-it's were invented b/c you could post notes up with it, you could wrap it around pens and pencils to jazz them up, and of course you can wrap a gift with it.

  3. i'm totally smitten with this gorgeous tape too!